I hurt you and you hurt me too. But was it really me? Was the pain from my act of indiscretion or was it the memory of something else that caused your pain? I can talk about my pain. Can you talk about yours? If you tell me what I did I won’t do it again. I don’t want to cause you any pain and distress. I want you to live a happy life, a life of peace and happiness. But is that what you want, day after day of bright sunshine?

What is the absence of pain? If I stopped doing wrong would you let me back into your life? Would you caress me with the sound of your voice once again? What if you asked me to give up something I can’t stop, like never making love to you again? How could I possibly cure my affliction of falling head over heels for you? Sometimes you ask for the impossible. Sometimes the things you want bring me pain.

Some say I have a low tolerance for pain. What is the worst pain you have felt? Was it the pain of childbirth? I could never imagine what that would be like. I would cry out for any relief, a pain killer to dull the throbbing sensation. What was my worst pain? I will never forget the pain I felt when my impacted wisdom teeth were pulled all in the same day. I was angry at the oral surgeon and ready to fight when I woke up from that operation.

Nobody can hurt me without my permission. – Mahatma Gandhi

But I’m a big boy now. I must learn to bear the pain of life without you. Why should I be any different than the other poor souls you’ve left behind? The ones you have said goodbye to, because they caused too much drama in your life.

What is the opposite of pain? Is it the euphoric bliss from a midnight kiss or the joy from being reunited with the one you miss? For me it is you and your love. It’s the love I feel for you and love I want from you too. Your love is my pain killer, the light that shines bright at the end of the tunnel.

Help me take away the pain, from you and from me. Tell me the things I should never do again. Tell me the words not to say, the words that make you feel uncomfortable, the words that make you feel the wrong way. I will erase those words from my vocabulary, I will never bring up those troublesome topics again.

And then tell me what I’m doing that you like. Share your dreams and your sunny delight. What was one thing that made you feel really good today? The one thing for me is bringing a smile to your face in this way. This is my goal in life. This is my joy in life. To make you feel happy once more. That’s how we can still make love, in our hearts today.

It is allowed, isn’t it? You can do it, can’t you? Can you allow your heart to be whisked away by your passion and wanton desire? Will you let this love live in your life today?

Where there is love there is life. – Mahatma Gandhi


Be blessed my love. Be blessed!



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