My Heart

I know we’ve known each other for a long time, but for some reason it feels like we just met yesterday. Or did we just meet yesterday and we’ve known each other for a long time? They say your thoughts go haywire when you fall in love. Things happen. It’s called a lovesickness. I can’t keep track of time anymore. I’m losing all semblance of time. Every minute I spend without you seems like days and years.

Do you know how happy you make me feel? Do you know how much love I feel for you? I feel so lucky to have found someone so special, so loving, so caring, so honest, so unbelievably charming, warm and compassionate. You are the love I wish I could have, each and every day of my life. When will I see you again?

I wish I could see you now, but I’ve been blinded by my own needs, my own petty desires. Every day I feel this hole in my heart pierced by Cupid’s arrow and I cry out in pain, I cry out your name. Will you come for me? Will you answer my call? Will you give me the love so sorely needed?

Humans have long searched for two elixirs: one that would bring eternal youth and one that would arouse erotic passions. You are two elixirs in one for me. Hearing your voice makes me feel young again. You turn back the hands of time, to a time of puppy love and infatuation. You are the reason I feel so alive. Every thought I have of you makes my heart sing. You have become the object of my desire. The woman of my dreams. The woman I want to wake up to in the morning. Yes, I feel young again. I feel alive again, just thinking about spending a few moments with you.

I feel a strong attraction to the passionate side of you. No, it is not just sex, it is more than that. It is not your body I crave or the touch of your skin. It is deeper than that. It is something inside of you I’ve been searching for, for such a long time. And now that I have found it, now that I’ve found you, I’m stuck in time today. Today is the day the earth stood still, waiting for your answer to me.

How do I deal with this erotic charm you have on me? Those mystical and magical powers of yours, so intuitive and so alluring. There is a magnetic quality that surrounds you. I can hear it in your voice. It draws me in and pulls me even closer to you. I simply cannot resist.

Yet this sensual charm is not the only power you have over me. You are also someone who knows that heart passions are the sweetest of all. Your kind words of love make me melt into a river of eternal bliss. From lust to love, I feel my love and devotion for you growing stronger every day.

But let me be clear of one thing right now. It’s not all about me. I want to hear your deepest desire. What do you seek? What are your unmet needs? I am here waiting for you to tell me. Today is your day to have what you want, nothing is out of the question, your wish is my command, just whisper your yearnings in my ear. And like a genie in a bottle, I will grant your every wish if you would just seal it with a kiss. Yes, I miss your sweet soft lips. But you’re too far away and you can’t give me a kiss, so instead I just ask for one more thing from you. Give me a chance to be your knight in shining armor.

What do you want? Tell me. I have it and I want to give it to you. I want nothing more than to have one goal in life, to bring you a gift every day. As a humble token of my appreciation for making me feel this way. I want you to want me, that’s what it’s all about. That’s what I yearn for. And if I give you something you want, I hope you will you want me even more. Yes, I have what you want. It’s a part of myself, hidden away, out of sight, only to be seen by the chosen few. For you, someone special who has so much love in your heart, I will answer your call for delight. Just ask and I’ll give you whatever I can. And for now, I offer you my heart.


2 thoughts on “My Heart

  1. Very, very written! Mark, keep it up!

    You have a remarkable way with words.

    The way you write does have an impact. It would make any woman feel good.

    You don’t have to get too graphic. Your style is just perfect.

    Liked by 1 person

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