Come Closer

I see a piece of me in you. My reflection faintly appears deep inside of you. As a splinter of my essence grows inside of you, like a seed of life left to show my love for you. Like a baby, in a mother’s womb, you nurture me.

I see this image of a reasonable facsimile. A carbon copy of a part of me. A miniscule particle of the spirit of me, let into your soul to blossom and bloom. Can you feel me? I want more of you too.

Hold me close to you. Suckle me in your bosom and sing sweet songs to me. I am hooked on the quiet, peaceful love you shared with me. You invigorate me. You enliven me. You inspire me. You excite me.

You let me come in and spend the night with you. I had the best time of my life. There was something about your welcoming smile that drew me in, wantonly, peacefully. I am here.

Please don’t let me go. Let me stay for a moment or so. If only for a brief sliver of time, let me live inside of you, even if my words don’t rhyme. I will learn to speak your language very soon, if only you will teach me the next lesson.

I missed so many lessons growing up. I feel like an unintelligent being, fraught with undeniable idiosyncrasies and embarrassing character defects. But you can cure all of that. You can change all of that. You have the antidote to the poison that plagues my heart and weakens my hope for a brighter day. Aren’t you the one? Won’t you free me from these invisible chains only I can see?

I don’t need much more from you. Just a helping hand every now and again. An occasional shout out, the love of friend. Deep inside of you I found refuge. I don’t want to go. I want to stay a little while longer. I pray for our love to grow.

Like a dried out branch ready to ignite with the slightest spark, ready to rage like a wildfire out of control, I am waiting patiently for you to do what you have to do. Will you be the one to do the needful? I know you have it in you. You know how to do it. You have done it before and you can do it again. It begins with the love of a friend.

I feel you inside of me. A splinter of your essence grows inside of me, close to my heart, never to depart. Will you stay for a while? If only I can keep from pushing you away, I promise to try and stay on my best behavior. But I must confess. It won’t be easy. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Be patient. Little by little change will come and we will be pleased with what we see.

Go ahead. Define the boundaries and the barriers you need to keep us from slipping into an undesirable place. Build the walls and the buffers, a safe space between us, to insulate our hearts from this animal attraction. Yet remember, what I find in you, you will find in me. What I see in you, you will see in me. We are already connected. It is too late to hesitate, now is the time to move closer.

I will grow up and mature in the blink of an eye. I will stand tall and make you proud of me. I will listen to your every word and pay close attention to all you have to say, as I look into your eyes, wishing the best for you and me. It is magical, an animal magnetism that brings us together. Society’s taboos can’t keep us apart. Intense love long forgotten that overcomes all obstacles in the way. Inch by inch, we come closer and closer and bring the mirror image of one another in yet a sharper focus. Yes, I see me in you, and you in me, and it feels good, like the right place to be.


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